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Viral Marketing Opportunities

When it comes to the opportunities available to you for a successful "viral" or word of mouth campaign, the list is theoretically limitless. In reality, when you start adding costs, what really drives people, and existing communication methods into the mix, that list begins to become much shorter very quickly.


The key is to find ways to be heard, to rise above all the background noise already in place out there, and to get people to trust you and be interested enough to take some action to help further your campaign.


A successful viral marketing campaign accomplishes these tasks by getting customers excited and involved: and that means knowing what it will take to get them to feel like they should be involved.


To do this, you must know what interests your potential customers and then take advantage of those interests by offering information, goods or services which they would be willing to pay for to get them for free in exchange for participation in the campaign. A sort of "paid to play" plan, if you will, that helps to feed your viral marketing scheme has to be set up!


On a favorite TV show of mine which I was watching recently, a group of people started bidding fervently for some "rare" substance that a new cast member didn't know about.


Yet, the new member got into the bidding because everyone else was excited and going at it. After she won, they informed her it was a joke and she had just been had.


Generating excitement such as is seen in an auction type mentality can get short-term involvement, but if the end result is anger or a feeling of betrayal or if the expectations set are not met by the results seen, then that can backfire.


This is why it is important to use methods that are truthful and up front, as well as simple and straightforward whenever possible.



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