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So you've decided to build your own viral marketing campaign. Good for you! Viral marketing is a fantastic, cost-effective way to bring loads of traffic to your site and hoards of customers through your virtual doors. But there's a trick. Seeding – which in viral terms is just another word for promotion.


We're going to take a look at some of the best promotional methods to give your viral campaign the kick in the pants it needs to turn it into a stampede.


Your own list is the very best place to start. After all, these people already know you, they like you (otherwise they wouldn't continue to let you fill their inbox), and they may have even bought from you before. That's a pretty powerful combination, and it's going to be a big help when it comes to getting your viral campaign off the ground.

How can you use your list? Simple.


Tell them about your new product or your marketing plan and ask them to tell their friends and colleagues, too. Invite them to share your newsletter, reprint an article or two on their blog or website, and Tweet, Stumble, and Facebook your links. The bigger your list, the better this will work, but even small lists can have a major impact, and every viral campaign starts with just one single person telling someone else about the great resource they've discovered.


Don't be afraid to ask your list for help getting the word out. Chances are they'll be more than happy to help!


Do you know that viral marketing can work for virtually every business model? Some of the most famous products in history have benefited from a viral campaign



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