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How to Catch Thieves

Are you a retailer who makes a living selling products in a brick and mortar store.  If so, you are in a profitable business, but it is easy to see those profits disappear.  One of the most common causes of this is theft.  So, how do you prevent theft from happening inside your establishment?   Install security cameras.  Unfortunately, running a retail store means that you have many responsibilities.  In addition to watching customers, your job duties may include monitoring your staff, making bank runs, ordering merchandise, and stocking shelves.  This leaves little time for detective work.  For that reason,...

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Should You Spy on a Suspected Cheater?

Do you suspect that your romantic partner is cheating on you?  If so, you may be ready to breakout the spy gear, but wait!  Is spying on your partner really the best way to catch them cheating?  It depends on a number of factors, a few of which are outlined below.   1 – Your Relationship   Before you start spying on a suspected cheater, it is important to closely examine the relationship.  Are you married, in a serious relationship, or just casual partners?  This should determine your answer.  Do you have a boyfriend of one week?  If so, don’t...

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Tips to Help You Succeed with Spying

Do you want to spy on someone?  While spying can be considered an invasion of privacy, there are some instances in which it is called for.  Do you suspect your spouse is cheating on you?  Do you suspect your teenage son or daughter is participating in illegal activities?  If so, spying may be the only way to get the answers you need.   When it comes to spying on someone, many people make a costly mistake.  That mistake is just hopping in the car and following.  This is not advised.  It is not only impulsive, but it can be dangerous....

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The Difference Between Spying and Stalking

For many, spying on someone is an adventure.  For some, spying is a way to detect a lie or catch a cheating spouse.  For others, spying becomes an obsession that can translate into stalking.  So, is there a difference between spying and stalking?  When does someone cross that line?   To differentiate between stalking and spying, it is important to look at the situation at hand.  A number of factors should be taken into consideration.  For example:   Are you spying on a cheating spouse?  An invasion of privacy is wrong regardless of who the target is, but there are...

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The Pros and Cons of Spying

Is there someone you want to investigate?  Do you want to know if the rumors about your neighbor being a drug dealer are true?  Do you want to catch a suspected cheating spouse?  Do you want to know if your daughter’s older boyfriend is safe?  If so, you may start your own investigation.   When investigating someone, you may have different options.  It all depends on what you want to know, how much you are willing to pay, and how far you are willing to go.  A background check and standard internet search are two easy ways to get started,...

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