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Copywriting Starters

Relationship Building Copy

Relationship marketing puts the "CUSTOM" back in customer. You would think this would be logical, but this approach seems to be a radical idea in many marketing circles these days. One of the best ways to start building relationships with your customers is in the sales copy writing style you use in the e-mails that you send to them.   The focus last few years has appeared instead to be on attracting customers rather than servicing well and supporting them so you keep them. Another name for this is offensive marketing. It's time to changes and get back to customer...

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Salescopy layout

Writing sales copy isn’t all about content. It is also about presentation. If you picked up a brochure on a table and all you saw was one giant paragraph, odds are you would put it right back without reading it much. In this multimedia age, people expect to be fed information in a way that is so easily digestible that it has almost been “pre-chewed” for them. That means, they don’t want copy that is too hard to decipher, that is hard to read, or that makes them tired after they’re done reading it.   Here are some simple presentation...

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So Exactly What Is Copywriting

Generally speaking it is writing that promotes a person, opportunity, opinion or idea. Since we're talking about websites, we'll just assume the writing will be on a website (and this will be referred to as search engine optimization copy).   There are of course other mediums that use copywriting and copywriters - radio commericals, television ads, billboards, bus ads, magazine ads, newspaper ads etc. You get the idea. And the point behind writing copy?   It is specifically designed to entice, persuade, motivate a listener or in the case of a website a reader to take action. That action could...

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The Tools To Start Marketing

As an online marketer you really need to know what you're doing, where you're going, what to expect, how to handle and how to find prospects. Wow, sounds like a huge task right? It's not if you have and use the right tools, the right training and take action daily.   What tools do you need? There are a variety of things you can use. Instant messengers - doesn't matter one or two you choose - just make sure they're a major part of your marketing strategy. E-mail is critical. A well-written e-mail can work wonders.   Use phone marketing...

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Use Trends In Your Copy

If your business success is fluctuating from month to month, it might be because of environmental or economic factors that are affecting your sales. This is information that you need to finetune your strategy. Do people buy your products more or less around Christmas?   Do you need to offer additional incentives during these periods or do you need to bundle your products to make additional sales if they are already strong? Maybe you see sales increase during a time where there are no holidays.   Do you know what might be the reason for the sudden upsurge? Maybe you’ve...

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