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Getting Your Affiliate Site Up, Running, and Making Money

Getting affiliate links is the easy part. Having a place to host them—now that's a little more involved. Having a place to host them where people will convert to buyers—that's even more work. You need to create a place where people can find you, where they'll want to come for information or assistance, and where they'll leave only to go complete the sale (even though they may not realize they are 'leaving'). Nevertheless, it can be done. But before you do anything, you need to structure a game plan. You need to write the plan that gives you all the...

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How to become a Super Affiliate in Niche Markets

You see them all over the internet. Look at the bottom of the web page and you may see a link for an affiliate program. You may have even signed up for a few. But have you been making any real money? Or have your reports been consistently showing a big zero in the monthly earnings column?   Many people sign up for affiliate programs hoping it will be their start into a lucrative online business. But if you want to become a super affiliate, finding the right niche market is important. Choose a niche that you’re passionate about. If...

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Search Engine Traffic For Affiliates

We can't be more clear. Without search engine traffic, you have no traffic at all; none worth mentioning and certainly not enough to sustain your affiliate business.   Ninety percent or more of the traffic to your website(s) will be from search engines, primarily the big-names like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. These search engines are what will deliver hundreds or thousands of people to your virtual doorstep searching for products and information such as that you've provided.   Outside of search engines, websites generate traffic in only a few ways. These include   Links from other websites or articles Links...

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So What Is A Big Dog Affiliate Anyway

Who knows how much money is made on the internet each and every day? If you could put a figure on it worldwide, would it be billions? More? Across nations and currencies that would be very hard to figure out. But we do know that money is made by the minute on the internet; we also know that many of the people making that money are quiet individuals sitting in the comfort of their own homes.   Many are not really working at all at the very same time their money is being made. Affiliate marketers are hardly ever around...

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The Importance of Using Positive Linking Strategies

When it comes to your linking strategies, you want to ensure everything is above board in a legal sense. With the many different theories you can find on the Internet, it’s imperative to be aware of which ones could possibly cause problems for you. Here are a few basic points to remember when you are considering a linking strategy:   Consider the links you want to make with other websites carefully. Remember, it’s not the quantity of links located on or pointing to your site that will result in your page rank being in good standing. This is achieved by...

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