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The Super Affiliate

The status of “super affiliate” is normally given to those who have succeeded in maximizing their income, as well as that of their advertiser’s over a given time period. The super affiliate is one who attracts large amounts of traffic to their affiliate websites, exceeding the rates of their competitors.   Super affiliates are highly sought after, and quickly recruited by top tier advertisers. This is a result of them desiring a greater return on investment (ROI) in their marketing campaigns. Super affiliates have several specific attributes other affiliates should try to achieve if they are in search of this...

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To Affiliate Blog Or Not Is The Question

What is the blogosphere, really? It's a place where anyone-man, woman, child, or automated feed scraper-can slap up templates or build a site of their own and update it with useful(?) information or tales of their weekly shopping trips to their hearts content. It's both a powerful tool utilized by businesses and websites on a daily (or more often) basis and a running personal diary put up online for all to see. The blogosphere is filled with experts and novices, and people who think they are experts who are really novices. It's a mixed-bag of content and expertise, or lack...

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