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Walking For Weight Loss Course (Audios & Videos)

Walking For Weight Loss Course (Audios & Videos)


From:  Rich PLR


Hey there.


What I’m offering you here will make you see results in days instead of weeks!


What I’m about to show you will increase your likelihood of following through with the daily action steps that will make the numbers on the weight scale keep dropping.


It is an amazing offer that will compliment your new blueprint.




To understand all the information within the book, you have to read through the pages…


And I know that this process can be extremely tedious for many...


Having said that, I’m pretty sure half of the readers won’t even finish the book.


That’s why most people never lose their love handles. They give up halfway through the process.


And I don’t want you to be one of them…


You see, change is an uncomfortable process. That’s why you want the whole process to be as pain-free as possible.


You’ll need every help you can get to cement the new habits that will bring you a strong, healthy, energetic and lean body.


Furthermore, what I am about to show you will cut the time you spend on reading by half and gain 30-40% more results.


This Video Course is perfect for visual learners looking to get the most out of the method.




As you probably already know by now, videos are very powerful at keeping someone engaged with the content.


Think of this upgrade as a LIVE workshop where I’ll guide you by the hand through your weight-loss journey.


Imagine having me as your virtual training partner.


You’ll digest everything easily from this course without any distractions or boredom.


These videos are designed and recorded by a professional voice-over actor for optimum results.


Remember, you don’t want to be losing confidence and gaining back the weight from bad decisions.


The only way to truly burn the fat and keep it off is to not look back and keep moving forward.


This video course will help you move smoothly along your weight loss journey.


And I want you to see positive, real results by putting everything you have learned into practice.




You might be asking, what am I getting here?


Inside this amazing video upgrade, you get 8 premium quality videos on the method for guaranteed weight loss.


You can finally feel energetic and full of life again.


Here's a sneak peek of the topics in this upgrade:

  • A tasty, healthy, and complete meal plan that you will love eating
  • The 7 walking styles and how each walking style can improve your health.


All you need to do is sit back, relax and push the PLAY button and reap all the benefits!




So How Much Is It For This Upgrade?


Considering the amount of time and effort going into this course, I could easily charge you the full price for the upgrade.


But I believe in the methods so much that I want to help those who want to help themselves.


This course promises real results!


But only if you take action now…


As mentioned before, I only want to help those who are committed to improving their own health.


And I know that you are one of them!


So I’m going to give you a really special offer.


For just the cost of a meal for two, you can have a video course that will improve your learning, cement the method into your brain, and ensure weight loss.




I stand behind all of my products, which means...


You Get A 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Or It’s Your Money Back!


You risk nothing. You stand to gain a foolproof way to a slimmer waistline.


Remember, 100% Iron Clad Guarantee for the next 30 days.


So you get to try this out with ZERO RISK!


Just so you know, this offer is NOT made available to everyone.


I intend to keep this golden opportunity limited only to those who have the determination to burn the fat and keep it off.


Also, it’s my way of saying thanks for choosing me, and I think you deserve to get this almost exclusively.


Get everything you see on this page for a LOW ONE TIME INVESTMENT of only $37!


Rich PLR