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Smoking Is So Last Year  PLR Ebook

Smoking Is So Last Year PLR Ebook

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First, let me say that I know how you feel.  You’ve been smoking for quite a while now and you know that you need to quit.  But when you try, you find it’s much more difficult than you ever imagined.  The reason I know how you feel is because I’ve been in your shoes.


People who smoke can give you a hundred reason why they smoke and a hundred more why they should quit.  So why are there still so many people lighting up? 


Addiction is the answer to that question.  When you take a drag on a cigarette, hundreds of chemicals are introduced into your body.  The most addictive of those chemicals is nicotine.


Nicotine is a drug just like cocaine, marijuana, and heroin.  When your body is used to having that drug in its system, deprivation can cause some real problems.  Those problems keep you from quitting completely and getting on with a healthier lifestyle.


Some Say There’s No Hope, But I Know There Is, and I got so excited about this amazing advice that I now want to share it with YOU!


Smoking kills – it’s a fact.  More people get sick every year because of smoking – either directly or indirectly.


 Thousands of children suffer the effects of secondhand smoke from their parents or caregivers.  But I don’t have to tell you that.  You already know.  That’s why you need this book!


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- 25 Articles (TXT, DOC)
- Ebook (PDF, DOC) 59 pages