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First things first, a family history center is what? Basically, family history centers number to more than three thousand all over the world. 


The fact of the matter is that these centers are branches of the family history library of the Latter-Day Saints – which is considered as the main and central repository for a lot of genealogical info the Church missionaries were able to collect. 


The purpose of the family history center is to help eliminate any need to have to travel to Utah, Salt Lake City just to use the collection records. 


Believe it or not, a lot of the electronic data as well as microfilms collections are generally accessible through the family history centers all over the world. 


Also, use of the family history center is free of charge.  There are also a lot of volunteer family history center staff available to lend you valuable assistance.


Where are the family history centers located?


A lot of the centers are found in the meeting houses of the Jesus Christ church of the Latter-Day Saints.  The administrators of these centers are operated by members of the local LDS Church.


Everyone and anyone is generally welcome to come and enter as well as use the resources available at the family history center.


When are the family history centers open?


Since there are more than three thousand family history centers available around the world, every center thereby determines its own opening hours. 


Prior to actually visiting the family history center site, call the center and check in order to verify if the center is open.


What are the services offered by the family history center?


Basically, help in accessing research and resource info is provided by the family history volunteer staff.  However, take note that staff volunteers will basically be unable to do the actual research for you. 


What they could give you is a thorough orientation about the family history center, answer any or all of your questions with regards to research (the expertise of each family history center staff varies), assist you in your use of the family history center resources as well as help you in ordering microfiche and microfilms from the family history library.


Also, there are various classes offered by many family history centers.  These classes offer research genealogical topics which could further assist you in your family history search.


Family history centers are also able to give you referrals to other archives, libraries or institutions that could assist you in your search.


What research tools are offered by the family history center?


Believe it or not, there are various tools as well as software programs available at the family history center.  The familysearch program is a collection of computer programs and files that are there to assist individuals in their search for info on their ancestors. 


The familysearch program include the family history catalog library, the genealogical international index, the ancestral file (a program which allow other patrons to arrange history family info), the death social security index, the church Scottish records, the military US index. 


There are also resources that are published such as histories, genealogies, gazetteers, maps and atlases that are available at the family history center.


All in all, family history centers are best sources for info on genealogical searches that could help you know yourself and your family a lot better.