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How To Make Money With Foreclosure Short Sales

What You Need to Know as a Buyer

Are you looking to profit from the poor real estate market and the high rate of foreclosures?  If so, those foreclosures may be your main focus.  Yes, this is good, but look beyond them.  There, you will find pre foreclosures and short sale properties.  With these types of properties, foreclosure will happen.  It is just a matter of when.  Your first impulse may be to sit back and wait, but don’t.  Whether you are looking to buy a cheap first home or turn a profit, you can do so with foreclosure short sales.   As nice as it is to...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a first-time real estate buyer?  If so, now is the time to act.  Most experts say the real estate market is in a poor state.  Yes, this is true, but mostly for sellers.  If you have the needed financial resources now is the time to buy.  To improve your chances of making a profit or getting the best deal, look at short sales.  They are increasing in popularity and present many opportunities for buyers.   If you are unfamiliar with the real estate market and short sales, you may be looking for more information.  Please continue reading on...

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Short Sales and Underwater Properties - What You Need to Know

Do you want to profit from the current state of the real estate market?  For most homeowners and buyers, this is not the time to buy or sell.  But, if you have the needed financial resources and are able to buy, this is the perfect time for you.  Not only can you get low priced properties, but you can easily turn a profit.  You can do so with flipping.  You buy a foreclosed or short sale home, make needed improvements, and resell it.   As previously stated, you can buy these cheap properties as foreclosures or short sales.  Of course,...

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Should You Let the Sellers Rent?

If you are interested in buying and profiting from short sale properties, you have many options.  The most common is to flip the property.  For example, buy a single family home, make needed repairs, and relist the home for sale.  An alternative is to rent the property.  If this is your first choice, you may consider allowing the borrowers or current home occupants to rent, but is this a good idea?  It depends.   How much would you charge for rent?  What you must remember is how you were able to buy the property.  The borrowers were unable to afford...

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Which Should You Buy Short Sales or Foreclosures?

Whether you are looking to buy a cheap first home or profit from the real estate market, you will likely examine both short sales and foreclosures.  Which is best?  Which deserve most of your focus?   Before comparing the pros and cons of both short sale properties and foreclosure properties, it is important to understand the process.  Foreclosure is when a mortgage borrower goes delinquent on their mortgage.  They can no longer pay it and have exhausted all other options.  The home is typically sold at a foreclosure auction or ownership reverts back to the original lender.  As for short...

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