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Wireless Alarm

There are several advantages to wireless alarm home security systems, the biggest one being the ease of installation with no wires to run through the house. This makes them ideal for older homes and for those without sufficient ceiling or wall space in which to hide camera and contact wires. It is also tougher to disable wireless alarm home security systems since there are no wires to cut.


One of the concerns of wireless alarm home security systems is that they rely on batteries for their only power source. Using rechargeable batteries than be plugged in for charging when they get low is cheaper, but they need to be removed from the camera in order to be charged. Some camera housings have a place to which power can be run to keep the batteries charged while is use, but again a wire will have to be run to the camera’s position.


They are also beneficial for temporary surveillance work and with a range of about 300-feet wireless alarm home security systems can be set up inside, or outside and a wireless, battery operated monitor can be operated inside a vehicle or in another room of the house to monitor activity in the area covered by the camera.


Changing Batteries Can Be A Nuisance


Most owners of wireless alarm home security systems opt to change the batteries periodically, usually on a set schedule provided the batteries remain charged enough for continuous use. Depending on their hours of use and the amount of graphic image being transmitted, the battery’s life can vary by camera as well as by day.


A power monitor can be installed to alert the user when the battery is getting low, but the tendency is not to change the batteries unless they go dead. This effective removes the benefits of having wireless alarm home security systems installed. The best way is to establish a set schedule on which to change the batteries, For example if experience shows the first battery to go dead lasted about 30 days, a schedule to change all the batteries every 25 to 28 days can be established to insure constant surveillance.


Another advantage to wireless alarm home security systems is many burglars have a habit of looking for wires and not finding any, may believe the cameras are dummy boxes, set up just to make them think a cameras is in place. They will find out differently when they see their face on America’s Most Wanted.



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