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Window Security Bars

It is just okay if you feel like you are worrying too much when it comes to the security of you and your loved ones in your home and there are many ways in which we could enhance our home security system. So do not worry, if it would give you peace of mind you could just upgrade your home security with home window security bars that automatically guards you from possible theft or housebreak.


Luckily these home window security bars are readily available for us to make our homes safer for us and our family. However, before purchasing home window security bars, there are some points to remember in case you may need immediate escape from the house.


Escape Planning


Having home window security bars is a great thing especially in blocking out possible housebreaks but one thing you should do is modify its emergency escape just in case a fire breaks in to your house. Though having home window security bars are good, according to firefighters, they are also the number one cause of death when fire incidents happen because they block the window and could not serve as an entry way for firefighters or emergency exit for the victims.


Have you home window security bars with quick release devices that you could immediately open in case of emergency. One thing good about having them is that they are operated from the inside of your home so they could never be controlled from the outside. They should also not require a key, detailed knowledge or a great effort for easy and immediate opening just in case you may need to open them quickly. What you could do is ask your local fire department or a non-emergency number for information on release devices that are approved on your area.


Mr. Goodbar To Protect


So you already want to have a home window security bars, right? Well, Mr. Goodbar is the right place wherein you could find state-of-the art home window security bars in different models and sizes. One of their specialty in home window security bars are the ones that are saw-resistance which makes it harder for burglars and other intruders to come break in your home.


You could check out the website of Mr. Goodbar at to know the different models and sizes of their home window security bars. Also, you could call them at their toll free number 1866-330-2223 for recommendations or to make your orders.



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