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Greenhouse Gardening

How To Fertilize Greenhouse Plants

A plant newly potted will need some time so that it can grow new roots in order to absorb or take in the fertilizer that you will apply.   How you fertilize and what type of fertilizer you use is dependent on what kinds of plants or crop you grow in your greenhouse, because every crop has a particular requirement with regards to nutrients, and this requirement should be met.   For house plants, it is usually much easier to fertilize a large group together. Generally, plants need to be fertilized every one or two months while there is rapid...

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Know Your Greenhouse Supplies

More and more people are maintaining a greenhouse in their own yards. Most have found it a fulfilling endeavor, not just to grow plants, but to grow plants well. Thus if this interests you, then it is best to learn the basics of a greenhouse.   What Is a Greenhouse?   The greenhouse serves as the home for young and tender plants, especially those grown out of their normal season. This is mainly designed to create a proper environment for the plant and for cultivation of the same.   It is usually made with plastic or glass-paned sloping roof and...

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Portable Greenhouse is An Excellent Alternative for Gardening

The portable greenhouse is an excellent alternative for garden enthusiasts to indulge in their favorite activity given a small space and budget. A portable greenhouse is a huge space saver that can help jump-start spring planting that can be continued until the fall. Compared to traditional greenhouse structures, the portable greenhouse is easy on the pocket. Assembly can be done in under an hour plus no tools are required to put together a portable greenhouse. When finished, a portable greenhouse can easily be taken apart and stored in a closet, garage or basement.   Like most greenhouse kits, a portable...

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Should Farmers Do Business with Greenhouse Manufacturers?

The ancient people of Egypt did farming using a good irrigation system and proper sunlight to make the crops grow. This practice still continues today which has served as the backbone of the agricultural industry.   Since the weather, insects and diseases threaten the crops throughout the year; this has prompted scientists and farmers to use of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides to sustain crop production.   Recent studies have shown that this does more harm than good since the ingredients for these products are hazardous to health. This has changed again the approach used by farmers and scientist who want...

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Tips In Building Your Small Greenhouse

Building your own small greenhouse can be a very enjoyable and educational experience as well as economical especially when you are clever with tolls.   Select a well-drained and level lot or ground for your greenhouse. If you will be using it mainly during the summer for propagation of plants, then you can situate it in a partially shaded area to reduce heat buildup.   The “north side” of your yard, with a big deciduous tree is an ideal location. If there is no partly or moderately shaded area available, you can make use of a white plastic or shade...

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