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Focus On Yachting

The Ultimate in Enjoyment

There are unique things about taking a motor yacht charter that is totally devoted to luxury that are not like any other kind of vacation.  That is because being the "skipper" of a luxury yacht out to sea has all the elements of a high seas adventure because your course is charted by the day and it could change in a moment notice depending on your whim.  But at the same time because you have a crew on board whose mission in life is to pamper you and your guests, you have all the enjoyment of the finest resort but...

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The Yacht and the Super Yacht

In any area of life but particularly in something relating to entertainment and getting away for an excursion, there is always the ultimate experience and then more modest ambitions.  For many of us, a weekend on a yacht, just enjoying the sea, the beautiful sunset and maybe a bit of romance is plenty.  But it could be that you may one have the once of a lifetime experience where there is no request too far fetched and your pleasure is untapped and that can be achieved with an excursion aboard a super yacht.    Super yachts are almost always very...

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Why Own When You Can Charter a Yacht?

The time may be coming soon when you will want to take that next step in providing a wonderful get away experience for your family by purchasing a yacht.  Perhaps you have been thinking it about it for a little while but something is holding you back.  It might be that you are not familiar enough yet with what might go with yacht ownership so you want to enjoy some outings on a yacht with just you and your family before making that decision.    Another drawback for some is the overhead of taking care of a yacht, particularly off...

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Why Yachting is Better than Disneyland

When the time comes around for a family vacation, there can be some argument on where everybody wants to go.  And if you have young children, the united appeal will often be to go to a theme park which for many adults is a huge waste of money and vacation time as well.  For adults particularly, a real vacation can be had by chartering a yacht in some exciting part of the world and seeing the sights from the deck of your own seafaring boat with an attentive crew waiting for every whim you may wish to have fulfilled.  ...

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Yacht for Sale

Selling your yacht is the kind of activity that falls somewhere between selling your home and selling your car.   That is because a yacht shares characteristics of both.  A yacht does function as a vehicle because your buyers will be looking at it as a means to get out on the sea and travel from place to place in luxury and comfort.  But if the living accommodations must also be top notch because the customers for your yacht are looking for high quality and are not going to compromise their high expectations.   In fact, the last consideration you should...

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