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First Class Upgrade

Save Money by Avoiding Extra Luggage Fees

If you want to save money on the cost of air travel, a good place to start is with your airline reservations.  The less you pay for a ticket the more you save.  With that said, many airlines are now increasing their fees and even creating new ones.  You will see this with luggage.  At first, airlines started charging passengers for a second bag of checked luggage.  Now, some are even charging for the first.  If you are taking an extended vacation, these extra fees can quickly add up.  So how do you eliminate them?   For starters, you must...

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The Pros and Cons of Flying Budget Airlines

If you want to travel, but are turned off by the rising costs of airfare, you may consider flying with a budget airline.  These airlines come in many different formats, but most operate by a “what you see is what you get,” standard.  That is usually a cheap flight with little perks.  If your one and only goal is to save money, flying budget may seem like a good choice, but is it really?   The Pros of Flying Budget Airlines   You usually get good rates.  As previously stated, most budget airlines have cheap flights, but offer very few...

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How to Get Upgraded to First Class with Frequent Flyer Miles

If you are a regular traveler, you may wish to fly in first class, but what you if cannot afford the cost?  Does it mean that your dream of having seats that are more spacious and a quiet ride are tossed out the airplane window?  Not necessarily; if you are a regular flyer, you may have accumulated frequent flyer miles.  If you have, there is one trick that you can use on some airlines to sneak into first class.  The trick is buy a seat in coach and then use your frequent flyer miles to upgrade to business class or...

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How to Use Overbooking to Get a First Class Upgrade

In recent years, airline companies have took many hits.  Immediately following the September 11th attacks, many Americans were reluctant to fly.  Then, came the high gas prices.  Airline companies were and still are losing money at an alarming rate.  Not only have they increased fares, but many companies have altered their business structure too.  Now, you are likely to find fewer flights.  Unfortunately, fewer flights often lead to overbooking.  If you find yourself on an overbooked flight, you can use the situation to your advantage.  You can use it to get a free upgrade to first class.   The first...

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Do Vacation Packages Save You Money?

If you are planning your next family vacation, you may have heard that booking your trip in the form of a vacation package is the way to go.  Yes, it can be, but do you really get the best deal?  Yes and no; it depends on a number of factors.   One thing you need to remember about vacation packages is that they are sold through third-party travel websites.  These websites are essentially the go-between.  They aren’t helping you book your vacation out of the kindness of their heart.  They are getting paid to help you.  Who pays them?  The...

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