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Erectile Dysfunction

The use of a Vacuum Device to Cure Erectile Dysfunction

For some men, the best course of treatment for their erectile dysfunction is a vacuum device. This is a type of mechanism that involves a vacuum used to pull the necessary blood for an erection to occur into the penis. There are three parts to a vacuum device for erectile dysfunction – an elastic band, a pump, and the cylinder to hold the penis.   The penis is placed into the cylinder in a flaccid state. Once this is done the pump is used to get the blood into the penis. The elastic band is placed at the base of...

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The Use of Irexis for Erectile Dysfunction

Irexis is a herbal supplement that is commonly used for erectile dysfunction. Many men have turned to it because they don’t want to rely on prescription medications. They may not want to discuss their erectile dysfunction with a doctor or anyone else. You can get Irexis from a health food store or online without any written instructions by a doctor.   The main ingredient found in Irexis is Yohimbe extract. It has been used for many centuries as a natural aphrodisiac for men. This ingredient is mainly grown in Africa. It also contains Tribulus Terrestris which is a plant found...

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Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction

Many men that suffer from erectile dysfunction feel that it is the end of the world. They aren’t accepting the fact that they aren’t going to be able to continue the sexual activities that they enjoy. Many men also define who they are by their sexual abilities so it can have a profound effect on their self image as well. Yet there are many great treatment options available for men with erectile dysfunction. That way it doesn’t have to be so disruptive to their life.   The treatment option that is right for you will depend on what is causing...

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Viagra can help you to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

When most people think of medication for erectile dysfunction, Viagra is what comes to mind. It has been the top selling product for this problem since it was introduced in 1998. It is believed to be effective for at least 80% of men that take it. This particular medication is heavily advertised on TV and in magazines. Quite a few doctors also encourage their patients to take it.   It used to be taboo to talk about erectile dysfunction or the use of it. Now you will find many men are willing to provide their own testimonials in order to...

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What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a type of medical concern for men as they aren’t able to get or maintain an erection. They may mentally want to be able to engage in sexual activities but their body isn’t responding. In order for a man to be able to obtain and maintain an erection there has to be an increase of blood flow to the penis. There are many different reasons why this won’t be possible.   The issue of erectile dysfunction has long been one that has concerned men. Women are bothered by it as well because it can affect their sex...

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