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Easy Auto Leasing

Leasing Glossary

In order to get a good leasing deal, you need to understand leasing jargon. Read through this leasing glossary to get an overview of the basics:   Acquisition fee: A fee charged by a leasing company to begin a lease. Not all leasing companies charge an acquisition fee but if charge it starts at about $300 and is seldom negotiable.   Capitalised cost: The total selling price of the leased vehicle This also accounts for taxes, title, license fees, acquisition fee and any optional insurance and warranty items you elect to fold into the lease and pay overtime rather than...

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Leasing used cars explained

Leasing a used vehicle can be an attractive deal in many ways, no least getting you into that luxury model or SUV, for lower monthly payments than a brand new one. Be prepared, however, to do some more homework to dissect a good deal.   As with new car-leasing, your price research should focus on the key figures that are the initial market value and the estimated residual value of the used car. This is harder to predict since there is no factory-set sticker price on used cars, and the residual percentage is very much pegged to a subjective current...

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Leasing with bad credit

Have you been refused a car lease? Chances are you have less flawed credit history. Know what’s involved and what you can do to build good credit history.   Credit score is a measure of your credit worthiness used by leasing agents to determine whether you are eligible for a lease. You credit score is based on your past and present credit history, and can range anywhere from 350 to 850. A measure above 720 is considered a “prime score” and will land you the best rates. If you are below 640, then you are “sub-prime” and will be considered...

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Luxury Cars and Resale Values

When it comes to ultra-luxury, high-end vehicle leasing, there is no doubt that the best deals are those cars that hold their value. With this in mind, we single out a few truths about residual values that consistently apply to high-end leasing.   The most determining factor when it comes to resale values is public perception of the brand, not its reliability ratings in quality surveys. Take the Jaguar for example: it is consistently rated as a quality car, but because of questionable reliability perception among the public, it takes a sharp dip in value at the end of its...

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Single-Payment Lease

A prepaid lease is a new type of lease which has made its foray into the market in recent times. In this lease, consumers forego the cycle of lease payments if they make a large payment at the beginning of the lease.   There are two amounts in a conventional lease that incur charges and determine your monthly lease payments. First, there is a depreciation charge which accounts for the value the car loses during the lease term. Second is a residual amount which is the projected value of the vehicle at the end of the lease. The sum of...

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