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Your Marketing Newsletter

The main thing an email list and newsletter does is keep your name and virtual image in front of the public. When a group of people hears from you regularly, and you are mentioning your eBook in each email, you have a good chance of winning some of these people over and making loyal customers out of them.   Studies have shown that within one year of the time when they first inquired about a product, 80 percent of the people end up buying it. And, it usually takes around 5 contacts before people finally decide to make the purchase....

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Zeroing In On Your Subject

One of the most important rules of eBook writing is focusing solely on the subject at hand. If you had purchased an information product about how to avoid a divorce, you would not expect to see a recipe for children's play dough to pop up in the text, now would you? Of course not!   The people who will be buying your eBook do not want to waste their time on information that is irrelevant to the topic. They paid their money to read about one thing! They are looking for solutions to their problem or an answer to the...

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