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Crafting For Cash

Sewing Basket Crafting

Every home should have a basic sewing basket at the ready for those times when you need to sew on a quick button or fix a ripped seam. By having a sewing basket will all of your basic sewing essentials in one place, you can be ready for any small sewing emergency which might crop up at any time.   The first thing you will need to have is a sewing basket itself. You do not need to go out and purchase a basket made especially for sewing; any box with compartments will work great. Many people prefer to use...

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Sewing Crafts In Your Business

Are you handy with a needle and thread? Do you enjoy sewing clothes for yourself or your children? Are friends and relatives always asking you to make sewing repairs? If so, then you have the perfect beginnings for a work at home sewing business.   Sewing is a skill that is coming back into fashion as more people seek to reduce their clothing costs and make the clothes that they have last longer. Many Wahms find profitable businesses in offering their sewing skills to people who don’t have the time or the skill to make repairs or alterations on their...

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Sewing in Your Craft Business

Congratulations on your decision to start a home sewing business; before you is a very exciting time in your life! To ensure that your business is the best it can possibly be, and has the best shot at being successful for the long-haul, you will need to follow some time-tested home business strategies. Let’s take a moment to briefly look at each of them:   The Business Plan   No matter what business you decide to start, you 100% have to have a solid business plan. There is no way possible to have a successful business venture without one. The...

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Sewing Projects For Your Craft Business

It’s always fun to look at the latest issue of Vogue and other fashion and decorating magazines, and see what the latest upcoming styles will be. This helps us home sewers and crafters get good ideas for things we can make to wear and for decorating our homes. Keeping up with fashion is a good idea for all sewers because it insures that your sewing items are current to the times and will be able to be used for the longest period of time possible.   The look coming in Spring 2008 appears to be a throw-back to the 1950’s....

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Soy Candle Crafts

Making your own candles is very popular. It has always been done with paraffin wax or beeswax. Soy candles are starting to emerge on the market as well. Soy candles are made out of 100% natural soy wax without any additives. Candles made of soy wax will have a wonderful aroma without having any type of fragrance added. Expert soy candle makers know how to mix the soy wax in several ways that give the natural scent a bit of a difference as well as make in fainter or more powerful.   Soy candles can be made with or without...

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