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Is Article Marketing so Different?

There are two simple points about article marketing to drive traffic to CPA campaigns that many marketers new to CPA seem to be missing, these days.   Write multiple articles (or have them ghost-written for you) - but target them for no more than 3 of your highly-researched, long-tailed keywords. Driving traffic via too many keywords will weaken your effort - best to rank well, through all your article directory backlinks, for the same 1-3 (I prefer just one perfect long-tail, myself.)   Make sure your multiple articles all point to your main, optimized domain. For that reason alone, choose...

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Is CPA Marketing Unethical?-

Once in a while, we read some comment on a blog that leaves us with the feeling that CPA marketing is sleazy or shady. It's implicit everywhere - in forum comments, blog posts and even top marketers themselves will drop the occasional negative comment that sticks to your throat like cold chicken originally fried in too much grease.   It's a serious question, that deserves some serious consideration. Especially if you're feeling uncomfortable about the whole idea of adding CPA ads to your lovingly-crafted sites.   "I don't want to be some sleazy marketer, forcing people to give up their...

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More CPA Traffic Ideas

There are so many web forums and groups on the Internet these days that you can’t possibly post to all of them even if you wanted to! However, they are a great way to easily locate groups within your offer's niche because they categorize people by their interests. Some are just for Internet marketers and web masters, but others, like Yahoo! Groups and Google Groups offer forums for various other topic niches from religion and spirituality to politics and beyond.   What you are most interested in, with any of these groups or discussion forums, is whether the group's policy...

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Pitfalls of CPA Marketing

There are two hidden pitfalls to CPA marketing that you really have to be wary about. One that may surprise you occurs as a result of your CPA network itself. (Yes. You would really think they'd know better!) I'm talking about pop-ups...   The problem arises because many CPA networks use a specific set up that automatically generates pop-ups. The only problem is, if you're using Google PPC ads, you'll run into a conflict, as pop-up windows are not allowed as a promotion tool by Google PPC.   There's a simple fix: Log into your account and disable the pop-ups,...

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The Right CPA Offer

There are numerous factors that make a CPA offer the right one for you. You are bound to see great offers that many other people are clamoring to publish, but this doesn't necessarily mean they will work for you. One of the biggest issues is that the audience you are marketing to can be significantly different than anyone else's audience; if this is the case then the offer needs to be appropriate for you own special niche if you are going to market it successfully. In other words, don't follow the crowd; instead, analyze your own position on the Internet...

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