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Computer Work Stress

Simplify Your Life

If your life is the perfect example of a Rube Goldberg machine, then maybe it is time for you to switch to the KISS principle of Keep It Simple, Stupid! After all, the simpler your life is, the fewer openings there are for the stress bugs to crawl through.   Frugal living is a way to simplify your life and to save money at the same time. Although we do not expect you to sacrifice your motorcycle for a push bike, there are no doubt plenty of expenditures in your life that you could do without. For instance, can you...

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Speed Reading to Combat Stress

For many people, dealing with a stack of unread books, newspapers, magazines, journals, and correspondence is synonymous with dealing with stress. In this Information Age, it is no small wonder that those who make promises such as "Read 10,000 words per minute or more!" have a sizable market segment and will not suffer from a shortage of customers anytime soon.     Opinions on the veracity of claims made by speed-readers vary. On the one hand, supporters of the claims like to point out that two former American presidents, John F. Kennedy and Jimmy Carter, were both active proponents of...

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The Basics of a Stress-Free Diet

The first connection between natural remedies and mental health was established when it was discovered that niacin cured pellagra. Since then, deficiencies in vitamins and minerals have been linked to all kinds of mental problems, including both stress itself and the proclivity toward stress. Even happy people can become depressed as the result of a niacin or folic-acid deficiency, reports Earl Mindell, author of The Vitamin Bible.   Dr. R. Shulman reported in the British Journal of Psychiatry that forty-eight out of fifty-nine psychiatric patients had folic-acid deficiencies.   The nutrients important in the reduction of stress are listed below:...

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The Biology of the Stress Response

It is often the case that you have to understand something before you can effectively deal with it. An understanding of the biological processes involved in stress will assist you in identifying what is happening to you at each moment as you enter a state of stress. This understanding may enable you to counteract the patterns of your stress response. If nothing else, you will see that you are only a human being responding to external events in a human way.   Stress results when you feel as if you do not have the resources to cope with a physical,...

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The Easy Way to Ace Exams

When it comes to exams, are you in the habit of leaving everything until the final day for a last-minute dash through your textbooks? Do you cram your head with factoids, planning to walk into the examination room and perform a memory dump? The good news is that you are not a lost cause -- after all, some students do not study at all, last minute or otherwise. The bad news is that you are unlikely getting the most out of your education (granted, that may not strike many of you as bad news!) and you are causing yourself needless...

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