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Clickbank Blogging

Promoting your Review Blog

It's not enough to write great posts for affiliate products you are reviewing: You want to make the most of every word.   To do this, you need to promote your reviews… as well as the blog that houses them! There are lots of different ways to do this - and they all relate to your topic (not your product.)   For example, say the topic around which your affiliate career revolves is "sailing". You could create a Squidoo lens about sailing. You'd populate your Squidoo lens with 3 or 4 mini posts. One could be "nautical terms"; another "types...

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Review Blog Success

There's been a great deal said on what makes a successful affiliate review blog, and all that is geared towards what makes you review blog valuable to your readers. And that is as it should be. But that being said, you need to know, there is no "right" or "wrong" formula as to how many review blogs you should have, or how you should run them.   On listening to some of the top names in internet marketing, it's striking how they differ, when it comes to motivations, goals and methods. Oh, some things are universal - like cloaking hop...

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Reviews in Affiliate Marketing

You write a review for your affiliate marketing product, publish it, promote it a little, and give it no further thought. You're moving on to write the next one.   Several months later, you notice that particular review is still bringing in a consistent rivulet of sales... whereas the one you wrote only last week on the latest hot trend hardly did anything at all.   You try to analyze the difference between the two reviews. After all, you followed your usual "formula". You included all the right components - a great, curiosity-inciting headline; the pros and a few cons,...

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Some Clickbank Basics

You have to be somewhat in the know to even have heard the name "Clickbank" much less know what it is. This is funny because the truth is that Clickbank is far and away the largest internet marketplace for digital products and affiliates who want to sell them in the entire internet. That puts Clickbank in its niche on a par with Amazon or Ebay and yet few have heard of Clickbank. It just keeps running smoothly serving the internet community without fanfare.   When Clickbank came along, it really stepped into a nightmare scenario of online marketing and smoothed...

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Success as an Affiliate on Clickbank

There are hundreds of thousands of affiliate programs out there, all of which claim to be the best. Many of them try to give you the impression that all you have to do is use their banners and links then wait for the money to start rolling in. Although this can be the case, this type of scenario normally applies to large sites with a lot of web traffic.   The affiliate program that we're going to focus on the day is Clickbank. There are tens of thousands of products that you can promote on Clickbank and earn guaranteed commissions...

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