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Breeding Koi for Fun and Profit

Paving the Way to Success in Koi Breeding

Paving the way to success in Koi breeding is a task easier said than done because Koi breeding is a business that is dominated by overwhelming, incomprehensible and simply outrageous numbers and amounts. The amount of hours the average Koi breeder has to work, the number of eggs that the typical female will lay, the number of eggs that fail to hatch, the profits to be made and many other factors are all exceptionally high. However, with time and dedication—it can be a very rewarding career.   The steep learning curve and the strong, and downright life-consuming commitment required in...

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Potential Koi Pond Problems

You’ve followed all of the right steps, and yet your Koi won’t breed. Don’t let another season pass without a success spawn.   Perhaps you should examine some of the common problems with Koi and determine if the solution might be altering something other than your breeding techniques. The three most common areas of Koi problems are the following: problems with Koi setup, water quality issues, and problems with the Koi themselves. Let’s examine these areas of interest one by one.   Problems With Your Koi Setup   Water Volume – This is the most typical Koi pond issue. If...

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Preserving Your Koi's Health

When you built your pond, you probably spent a lot of time planning its design. You made sure every plumbing piece was in place. You cautiously choose your filter and your pump. Everything seems excellent. While everything is in place, did you know that you need to plan your fish just as carefully as everything else?   Many skilled fish keepers will tell you that the best way to guarantee long-lived healthy fish is to buy top quality excellent stock from local respectable breeders. This ensures you have fish that have not been excessively stressed by transport, carefully bred for...

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Profiting From Koi Breeding

Koi fish is a very beautiful creature; it is originating from the common carp. It is known to be natural habitant of the East Asian waters. This type of fish has several sub categories including butterfly koi fish. The general characteristics of the fish are the colored patches on the fish body and the branched fins in the butterfly sub category.   Breeding koi fish could be a very interesting hobby and it could turn at some point into a profitable business, you only need to put you hands on the principle information to gain a very good profit beside...

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Seek New Fun, Breed a Koi

Sometimes we are seeking a new fun in life, may be a sort of change for us and our kids, if you could make your kid love it then you have helped him to learn a profitable hobby, It is breeding a koi. Do you know much about it? Let me tell you some factoids about. A koi is a carp added to it some colors by the Japanese. Its origin was from China/Japan/ S.E. Asia but most now are from USA and it is the most affordable too. Its maximum size is three feet and up, when it reaches...

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