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Brain Health

What is Intelligence?

When many of us think about improving brain health, what we are really interested in is boosting our intelligence. If we become more intelligent, then we can solve problems, work more efficiently and generally become more adept at pretty much any kind of challenge. But increasing intelligence is no simple feat. And this is particularly true when you consider that intelligence is actually a very abstract concept. What even is intelligence? Is intelligence actually just ‘one thing’ or is it multiple ‘things’? Let’s take a closer look… A Modular Approach to Intelligence If you take the stance that intelligence is...

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Why Computer Games Are Actually Amazing for Your Brain Power

You might remember being told to stop playing video games when you were younger. Perhaps your parents were worried that they were going to make you into a violent thug (which has largely been disproven by the research), or perhaps they were concerned they would ruin your eyes and melt your brain. Well, as it happens, you were right to ignore them. Not only are computer games not bad for you – they’re actually incredibly good for you and can improve all manner of cognitive abilities making you objectively smarter across the board. Let’s take a look at how and...

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