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Ask A Girl Out

How to Ask for a Date without Pressuring Her

Do you want to ask a girl or a woman on a date?  The best thing to do is ask.  Just jump right in and do.  With that said, you may want to think about the approach.  If you are not careful, you may unintentionally pressure her into saying yes.  Of course, you want to hear yes, but you want to receive a true yes, not a pressured yes.   So, how you can ask for a date without pressuring the woman?   Flirt.  Flirting is one of the best ways to test the waters.  If you are a public...

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How to Flirt with a Girl

Whether you are an adult or a high school student, you may fear rejection.  After all, no one wants to ask a girl on a date only to hear no.  Of course, you shouldn’t let rejection stop you from approaching a woman, but if it is a fear of yours flirt first.  By flirting with another girl or woman, you are able to see if she is interested in you before you take the plunge and ask for a date.   Unfortunately, when it comes to flirting, many guys don’t know where to start.  Females are the ones that have...

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How to Handle a First Date Rejection

Did you finally workup the courage to ask a girl on a date?  If so, good for you!  This is truly a step in the right direction.  The first step in jumping into the dating scene is asking.  But, what if you received a no?  What does it mean?  Continue reading on to find out and for tips on how to handle a first date rejection.   The Scenario:  You like a girl from school.  You asked her join you for a movie, but you were turned down.  What do you do?    It is important gauge the no answer. ...

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How to Have a Good First Date

Did you finally ask that girl you have been eyeing out on a date?  If so, are you ready for the big night?  Whether you are nervous or excited, please continue reading on for a few helpful planning tips.  These tips, when followed, will help to ensure both you and your date have a good time.   To have a good first date, you must do something that is fun.  Does your date hate crowded locations and loud music?  If so, she may not like a bar or a concert.  So, opt for something else.  If you just met her,...

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How to Save a First Date Disaster

It is very rare for a first date to turn out perfect.  In fact, you should anticipate a few moments of awkwardness.  This may be quiet pauses in conversations or slightly embarrassing moments.  Although it is rare to have a 100% perfect date, there is a difference between an imperfect date and a disaster.  As you can gather, disasters are much worse, but they are still salvageable.   The Scenario:  You made a date with a woman you met online, but she isn’t anything like she described.   What to Do:  There is nothing worse than being lied to.  Unfortunately,...

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