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A Beginers Guide To Yoga

Why Yoga is Important For An Office Worker

  Yoga and office workers don't usually mix, but they should.  When you work in an office you will usually be spending a lot of time hunched over a keyboard and sitting in a seat.  It can also be an environment that is prone to produce a whole heap of stress and very few outlets to release it.  In this article we examine how these things are bad for your general health and how Yoga can help.     Let's start with a little bit about what Yoga is.  At it's simplest level it is a very effective form of...

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Yoga as a Form Of Corporate Stress management

  In a corporate environment one of the things that makes a critical difference for employees is a relaxed congenial environment.  The headquarters of Google is one of the most productive places in the world and every idea that comes out of the Google thinking tank seems to be another winner, yet this is achieved in a building that is filled with slides, relaxation equipment, staff libraries, canteens and even beds.  The message is clear - we care about the results not about how long or hard you work.  Not surprisingly the results come and the staff are happy to...

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Using Yoga for Weigh loss

  In today’s society carrying excess weight is becoming the norm rather than the exception.  Lifestyles are increasingly sedentary, peoples diet is becoming increasingly processed and fatty and food contains more and more calories, additives and preservatives.  Children prefer television over playing with their friends, which is perhaps a direct reflection on parents who prefer television over socializing or even making time for their children.  This only scratches the surface of the social move towards a sedentary and unhealthy society which is making more and more people fat.      Yoga is a discipline designed to make the body strong...

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Yoga's Holistic Treatment For Arthritis

  There are a great many people who are in the unfortunate position of having to live with painful aches and pains caused by severely damaged or inflamed joints.  For some people it is a discomfort, and that is bad enough, but for others arthritis can turn them into a virtual cripples.  Arthritis has been something that has affected people throughout history since prehistoric times, but it is only recently that we have begun to understand it.     Arthritis is a join disease that can cause problems in any area of the body where two or more bones intersect. ...

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Yoga as a life Philosophy

Yoga is different things to different people, so what it means to you will depend greatly on how you were introduced to it and how you enjoyed your initial experiences with it.  For some people Yoga is simply a method of exercising that ensures they have a healthy supple body.  For other people Yoga transcends a method of exercise and is a spiritual experience that allows them to find the balance and centring their lives need.  This type of Yoga comes closer to a life philosophy than any other.     Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga is often placed in this final...

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