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40 Day Guide To Planning Your Wedding

Planning Your Wedding Online

What did brides do before the Internet? It is difficult to even imagine the amount of running around brides must have done to coordinate and plan their weddings before the Internet. Nowadays it is so easy to sit at your computer and comparison shop for items and then have them shipped directly to your do. Just a few years ago this was not possible. Every single detail related to the wedding had to be finalized either in person or over the phone. No wonder so many brides became overwhelmed and transformed into the Bridezillas that are so common today. However,...

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Planning Your Wedding

If you are like most women, you have been planning your wedding since you were just a little girl. As you grew up you probably went through hundreds or maybe even thousands of scenarios for your wedding. From the style of your dress to the theme of your wedding, these may have changed as you grew older and your sense of style developed. Or perhaps you have had one wedding fantasy that has stayed with you from a very young age. Regardless of whether the wedding plans taking place in your imagination have changed from day to day or year...

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Setting a Date for Your Wedding

Sometimes one of the hardest decisions a couple will have to make in regards to their wedding is the date for the wedding. The bride to be may eagerly blurt out yes when the groom to be proposes marriage, the couple may be positive they want to have their wedding in a certain location and the bride may have known what type of dress she wanted since she was just a little girl but picking a date for the wedding usually does not go as smoothly. This article will discuss some of the problems which many couples encounter when it...

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Sometimes It Is Harder To Commit to the Dress than to the Fiancé

Most brides to be had no hesitation when their fiancé proposed. They may have knew this day was coming and responded with an enthusiastic yes before the fiancé even got the question out. Even if they were completely caught by surprise by the proposal, they likely responded quickly after a moment or two of stunned silence. However, when it comes to selecting a dress for the wedding day most brides to be have a lot more trouble making a decision. They may waffle between two dresses or even have trouble narrowing their choices down to less than ten options. This...

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When Everyone Else Involved Is a Bridezilla

The term bridezilla was coined to describe brides who behave badly during the process of planning their wedding day as well as on the wedding day. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, brides who complain loudly and often about every detail in their wedding, brides who subject their bridesmaids to harsh treatments and allow little input into decisions regarding their attire, brides who make difficult demands of service providers and brides who generally have unrealistic expectations for the wedding. However, in many cases the bride may not be the problem at all. There may be others involved in...

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