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10 Day Detox

How You Can Cleanse Your Body With Water

Are you concerned with your health?  Do you feel sluggish or full of fatigue?  If so, there may be an underlying medical condition.  On the other hand, your body may be filled with unnatural chemicals, additives, and other toxins.  Many of these unnaturals are found in our food and drinks.  Ridding your body of these toxins and making it “pure,” again may help to restore your health, or at least your energy.   Although there are some disputes among medical professionals as to whether or not there are health benefits to body cleanses and body detoxes, may still opt to...

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Is a Detox Diet Right For You?

In recent years, body detoxification and cleansing has increased in popularity.  At one time, many just believed that detoxification was for those dependent on drugs and alcohol.  Now, detoxification is being promoted as a health benefit.  A number of well-known celebrities have brought the process to light.  Although body detoxification does have a number of benefits, is it right for you?   Health conditions.  Do you have any diagnosed health condition?  For example, do you have a thyroid condition or diabetes?  If so, you should never detox your body, especially if water fasting is involved, without first speaking to a...

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Preparing For a Body Detox

Are you ready to cleanse your body with a detox?  If this is your first time doing so, you may be wondering what you need to do prepare.  Continue reading on to find out.   Research your detox diet options.  Yes, you may have already done this, but do it again.  To have a successful detoxification, you need to choose the right method.  For example, water fasting works for some, but you may find it too difficult to go a week without solid foods.  Do not try a popular detox that you know you cannot stick to.  Instead, find the...

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The Master Cleanse Pros and Cons

Have you heard that the Master Cleanse is a great way to cleanse your body and to lose weight?  If so, you may want to give this body cleanse a try.  Before doing so, you are encouraged to learn about the Master Cleanse and its pros and cons.  This will enable you to determine if this cleanse is truly right for you.   The Pros   The length of the Master Cleanse can vary.  Online, you will find that people have done the Master Cleanse for as little as three days, but as many as a month or more.  This...

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The Master Cleanse Reviewed

Even if you do not consider yourself to be health conscious, you have likely heard of the Master Cleanse.  Although the Master Cleanse has always been a popular way to detoxify the body, the award winning singer Beyonce brought it additional attention.  Even though many claim the Master Cleanse is successful, it is important to understand the process before you get started.   The ingredients needed for the Master Cleanse include cayenne pepper, grade b maple syrup, water, fresh lemons, and senna tea.  In terms of instructions, the best thing to do is to purchase a Master Cleanse guidebook.  There...

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